Single Property

  • Rooms: 7
  • Beds: 5
  • Area: 17500 Sqft2
  • Baths: 1
  • Car Garage: Yes ( 5 Capacity )
  • Swimming: Yes ( 1 Large )
  • Comple. Date: Oct 2018

It all started as a challenge for us to compete between many designers for this project. As the client was looking for the experts of the auditorium all over the country for the design. He wanted something unique out of the box design which will make a mark in the country at school/college level and add to the reputation of the MPS organization. Function Considering the fact that it’s a school auditorium within school vicinity but also to be utilize for important commercial events of society or organization. Looking in to the matter of fact that the outlook of the auditorium should be futuristic, aesthetically appealing, should blend as per the event/ performance, unique and state of the art technologically advance. Concept.

Generally auditorium is divided into two by proscenium arch. One side for audiences and other side for stage for performers. There can be multiple type of performance are performed at stage like dramas, dances, lectures, movies ,etc. where stage lighting plays an important role to create ambience and moods. In order to transfer and amplify these moods or provide a 4D experience to the audience throughout the auditorium we have used automated Led strip lights in the coves of wooden bands For giving the grandness and authoritarian to the audi height of the ceiling is kept 55ft. also the procenum arch height is 45 ft. high. The movement of curtain in kept from top to bottom rather than sideways. The flow of the wooden bands running through the wall over to the ceiling gives the impression of chip circuit wiring showing the movement of energy. The interlocking and liberating hexagon on the side and on the ceiling shows bondage and freeness to fly. Also to camouflage and conceal the grill and services hexagon is used as grills. Auditorium Specification:

1. Sitting Capacity – 1000pax ( double deck) 2. Stage size- 60’ by 30’ 3. Height of the ceiling- 55 ft. above 20’ id used for catwalk for services. 4. Area: 5. length of LED strip used- 800m 6. Size of cyclorama screen- 40ft. by 25 ft

  • Regular Fit.
  • Full sleeves.
  • Machine wash, tumble dry.
More Information
  • Age : 10 Years
  • Type : Appartment
  • Installment Facility : Yes
  • Insurance : Yes
  • 3rd Party : No
  • Swiming Pool : Yes
  • Garden & Field : 2400sqft
  • Total Floor : 3 Floor
  • Security : 3 Step Security
  • Alivator : 2 Large
  • Dining Capacity : 20 People
  • Exit : 3 Exit Gate
  • Fire Place : Yes
  • Heating System : Floor Heating